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      1. Luckily in UT. we have a young woman who’s the daughter the two of YELLOWSTONE’S workers if you’d like to have someone to talk to who’s skillful at focusing on the safety of the wild. This daughter works at Roads To Independence between Riverdale and Ogden her first name’s Karen dear Brenda. I’m totally with you dear Brenda I even gave Karen a personal expression of my passion about how Idaho’s two harmful habits make me dislike the state much more than Alaska’s wildlife habit though I dislike both. I don’t know if we feel the same hatred with Idaho however I’ll tell you Brenda these two harms being done in the same state make it feel like sarcasm and aggravation emotionally within my heart. Like I said on the wolves’ note I’m in UT and I’m full of real sincere compassion too. It’s their peaceful and loyal friend Jasmine Olson. I feel like the wolves are my totem animal and I buy their merchandise. Like you dear Brenda I can’t stand to lose the wolves.

        I also wish I was closer enough to help you Brenda I’ve touched their theryapy husky and malamute cousins a few times here in UT. and on trails I’ve walked near a few, also a few who have fenced houses on the block of a street and still greet strangers. Karen and her parents would be fine hearing your expressions dear Brenda they’ve let me secretly write on paper as if I mailed these written expressions to them. And Karen’s able to see my wolf insight from what I write. She’s able to tell I’m honest about my feeling though they’re uncommon but friendly just like yours. a national park with skills and a sanctuary that really has a true wolf lover why not take a chance to talk to YELLOWSTONE ask them if they could help you arrange a meeting with Idaho to change a few laws. Like you Breanda I Jasmine Olson in UT wish to save the wolves. I’d let your sanactuary be the one to go to if the distance wasn’t so long.

        It’s the truth I Jasmine Olson the 26 year old Grandma daughter of Henrietta abeyta have my Autism and Epilepsy however I can understand spirits of other people enough to not fight unless it’s the only way to stay safe which is rare. It would be fine if you keep putting new posts dear Brenda I’m a fan who’d pay close attention , because writing, talking out loud, shopping and a few other ways I don’t care how I’m helping their packs, I’ll do my best to save the wolves however I can. and I also want to help you keep this nice sanctuary open as long as possible Brenda.


      2. Runs With Wolves Sanctuary go ahead and read your In Memoriam post I your fan Jasmine Olson wrote three short doubtless expression for the wolves


        a Sort Of Heavenly/ Funeral like song

        then my heart’s strong expression of what I feel the most thankful about

        Jasmine Olson just wanted you aware In Memoriam finally has comments.


      3. Your fan Jasmine Olson again I’ll tell you the fourth comment is to show how much it feels like a privilege or a Golden Friendship, I emotionally feel with the wolves, Thank You.

        I like sharing my positive uncommon specialties. And with me it doesn’t matter if we’re talking about favorite animal at the zoo, or a spirit animal who can guide you, the wolves are #1 in both of my lists Run With Wolves.


    1. Lisa Peterson Ma’am I care a whole lot as well though I’m in UT I Jasmine Olson Henrietta’s Granddaughter. The friendship with wolf, wolfdog, husky Malamute, or Eskimo dog or one the few dogs who’s part a herding dog as well as part a sled dog breed they’re deep within my heart Lisa Peterson Ma’am. The Friendship would only grow no matter how long communication lessons took.

      Enthusiasm, love, and compassion, plus that I have no trouble memorizing wolf facts even after reading numerous chapter books and science as well as parables about wolves. I’m one their true friends who’d have a difficulty if ever forced to say goodbye, it’s likely I’d weep for hours!

      Jasmine Olson speaking


  1. Hello, I myself don’t only love them I’ve learned from them by understanding domestic dogs and several fiction wolf books’ messages being clear, it’s my high comprehension of their attitude and how clearly their wisdom and loyalty are shared that’s helped me quickly learn the main steps of taking care of myself after the Life Program had me as a student. I’m 25 years and 9 months old, this is their very firm true friend JASMINE OLSON in UT. who’s written on at least three of their sites speaking to each of these lovely wolves. How did CHRISTMAS go dear women of this nice sanctuary? I hope the wolves here felt joy, love, and gratitude too. 2015 I sure had a fun CHRISTMAS that I’ll treasure for sure wow pretty, thanks some wishes came true, thoughtful about some useful items, yeah, it was a CHRISTMAS that I got quite a few wolf merchandise surprises that hoped to and three that were unexpected but good and each will be kept forever dear brave wolves of this sanctuary. I’M KIND OF DREAMY AND I THINK VISUALLY, FROM MY DIFFICULT CHILDHOOD FEELING CONFUSED AND LONELY WHILE WONDERING HOW TO TAKE CARE OF MYSELF DURING SCHOOL AND DAYCARE TO MY ADULTHOOD, IT’S REALLY YOU WOLVES WHO’VE HELPED LEARN ENOUGH SOCIAL SKILL STEPS TO NOT STRUGGLE, THANKS THE LESSONS I’VE LEARNED FROM WOLF PHOTOS, WOLF HISTORY, SCIENCE, NEW BOOKS THAT EXPLAIN THE WOLVES, FICTION WOLF BOOKS, WOLF MOVIES, AND SAYINGS PUT WITH A WOLF PICTURE ARE WHAT HAVE HELPED ME REALLY GAIN SECURITY, IT’S TRUE I LOVE YOUR DOMESTIC CLOSE COUSINS HUSKY AND MALAMUTE AND I LOVE YOU WOLVES TOO. I CAN’T READ OTHER ANIMALS AS EASILY AS ICAN READ YOU WOLVES YOU’RE THE ANIMAL I CAN READ WITH ENOUGH SKILL TO LEARN LESSONS OF LIFE, I HAVE A SIMPLE TIME FINDIND OUR SIMILARITIES. I PRAY FOR YOU WOLVES, HEART AND REAL ENJOYMENT YOU’RE MY TOTEM DEAR LOYAL WOLVES, FROM UNDERSTANDING YOUR ACTIONS YOU’VE EVEN HELPED MY GRAMMAR IMPROVE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I HOPE YOUR NEW YEAR’S DAY OF 2016 WAS A PRECIOUS PLEASANT DAY GOOD LUCK MY FRIENDS, I GIVE YOUR PACKS SYMPATHY FOR SURE.



  2. killfest oh dear wolf friends my sincere apology I almost feel like slapping your foes at this party, I’m completely sorry, I find this meaner than the supernatural power habits which would make me cry just watching, wolf extinction I’d feel much worse about than a pet’s goodbye dear friends, and the derby is cruel. These are ways to look thankless I believe!! All three are quite senseless habits. Habits that make people deserve underground traps as their reward when they die. I can’t stand to lose you at all. I want you wolves alive, I’d even try to move your hunter foes out of the forest if I ever lived with a wolf pack myself (slap push kick) I’d always want your foes far from your home dear wolves plus Autism and Epilepsy are both a problem of mine, you wolves and your cousins husky and malamute are sure helpful to humans with these problems. I’d have no trouble adapting to the pack’s den I’d just wonder about your neighbors outside, bears and other active creatures who are bigger than you and me. I’ve read the history of KAMALA AND AMALA in 1920 now this week!

    Quit Your Terrible Cruelty IDAHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IDAHO YOU SOUND LIKE ONE OF THE RUDEST STATES when we compare ecology and the truth of the WOLVES, killfest party, IADHO’S derby HALT!!!! Senseless and Harmful meaner than the stuff we did to dolphin, and equally as mean as the stuff foreign people have done to the tiger!!!!!! The rude evil killfest makes me hate your wildlife habits more than Alaska’s forest habits, RESOLVE THESE CRUEL HABITS THIS INSTANT IDAHO!!!! Stop them forever!! SAVE THE WOLVES, ABSOLUTELY SAVE THE WOLVES!!!!!!

    You nice women here can read your recent posts now the comments are mine as well
    wolf warriors, please stop Idaho’s derby, wolf new all three have comments now!



  3. I’ll visit YELLOWSTONE so I have hints of your beautiful homeland, and I’ll visit a sanctuary for wolves to have a pleasant photo of a lovely wolf and me! I’m too dreamy about wolves to refuse these two trips!

    Jasmine Olson


  4. Your UT friend Jasmine Olson hear would sure hug many of close related sled dog cousins. I’m sure when I find a sanctuary for wolves to visit I’ll feel the joy of really hugging a calm wolf or laugh a little if it unexpectedly kisses me a bit or feel some excitement if the hug and the kiss both happen by surprise. Mostly there’s no question about me enjoying the trips. As YELLOWSTONE is just close enough to be my lifetime adventure, plus how much wolves really soothe and entertain me! Heart and soul the wolves are deep within me! They give me better guidance than any other animal!!!!!!!! I’m totally thankful for their guidance of how to live well, and so my sincere compassion for wolves will never leave me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jasmine Olson again


  5. BRENDA DEAR I your UT friend Jasmine Olson the granddaughter of Henrietta Abeyta am sure you’d probably enjoy Nick Jans books, especially the nonfiction book A WOLF CALLED ROMEO! His story is a story of history of huge surprises in Alaska.

    Internet photos
    Book with pictures
    A rock with his name and his years 2003 to 2009

    He was just speaking with his dog cousins though he was sometimes active. He did enough to prove he just wanted to play or wanted to follow someone for a short time. Romeo was one of Juneau Alaska’s calmest / bravest wolves. I’m reading this A Wolf Called Romeo book by Nick Jans currently and think it’s good for true wolf lovers like the two of us, or those who don’t really understand their communication quite accurately yet.


  6. If you have enough fascination to meet their close cousins in fiction, you might enjoy checking the Summer King Chronicles by Jess E. Owens dear Brenda. I’m going to compare it with Wolves of the Beyond since the opinions of the packs from the 2 series sound quite similar.

    The painted hunting dog is the cousin you meet in the Summer King Chronicles, along with the lovely timber wolf, and some friends. This chronicles already has a wiki and several cool character photos shown on Google. In case you’d like to peek before reading this 4 book series. Plus this author Jess E. Owens has her own website and the griffins are also shown a little bit on video too.

    She needs some support for the fourth book of the Summer King Chronicles, so it can come in paperback and hardcover instead of only kindle.


  7. I’m pleased a really lucky mixed breed cousin was rescued by Hope For Paws company. It was sadly starved, malnourished, and neglected, plus pain. This poor two year old cousin looks torn in photo, but most of it was how very little hair she had on her, especially her legs. Julia was this beautiful cousin’s name. Poor Julia was neglected so much sleep was her best remedy for a while. This was online with Detonate showing sliding pictures of Julia. Vets helped Julia.

    Your UT. friend Jasmine Olson sharing her sincere relief of this wolfdog cousin.


  8. I’ve now read enough fiction to not feel nervous while a wolf shows its firm harmony in an active way, even if it does three to seven actions. Rumble, Snort, Wrinkle its nose, Soft Growls, Lift its upper lip just a little, Run in circles, Howl. This is clearly a wolf’s expression of being prepared and quite willing to start whatever it’s time to do at the moment. Chap is the fiction wolf who taught this active expression.

    Jasmine Olson sharing a lesson of wolf communication she recently discovered.


  9. Brenda from this wolf sanctuary might like speaking with Darlene who started Colorado and Wildlife Center with a wolfdog named Chinook years ago. You’ve both experience privacy with a calm wolf pack.

    Plus that doubtlessly you’d both want to protest about the wolves being delisted again so soon!


  10. You could see if doing a few things with Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary would offer any benefits. Adoption money, Wolfdog facts, and ways to support each other with things like rates.


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