In Memoriam

This page is devoted to our beloved friends who are no longer with us. We honor and give thanks for the time they allowed us to share with them. They will always be a part of our pack. Now, they are free to run in the Spirit World and live the life they deserved.

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We’re sad to share the news of the passing of one of our outstanding volunteers, Marcus Graffam.  Marcus was a smart and compassionate soul who had a strong connection with the wolves, hybrids, and other volunteers at the sanctuary.  He was always bright and kind – even when doing the not-as-desirable chores like picking up the poop!  It was easy to see the strong bond Marcus had with all the members of our pack, but especially with one of our hybrids, Trouble.  They really understood each other on a deeper level than most.  Everyone, wolf and human alike, will miss him greatly.   Please visit Poitras, Neal & York Funeral Home’s Website to read his obituary, and thank you so much to all the people who have been donating to the sanctuary in his memory.  RIP Marcus, may your soul continue to run with the wolves forever.


Bear shared a very special connection with our volunteers, especially with our manager Sharon.  He came to us with his sister Blue, who passed over the rainbow bridge the year before.  He was a very vocal guy who loved his treats.  He also enjoyed when people spent time sitting and chatting with him in his area.  Bear was brave, overcoming his fears and trusting in the volunteers at RWWS.  We will miss him terribly, and we ask that our supporters continue to speak out for those who can’t speak for themselves in his honor.


Yasha was a very sweet girl who spent just under a year with us before passing over the rainbow bridge.  She shared an enclosure with Kota, one of our other hybrids.  They both got along very well, playing and walking together every day.  They were the silliest of friends and would steal each other’s food when the other wasn’t looking!  Kota and the rest of the sanctuary will miss Yasha dearly, but we are so happy that she was able to spend the rest of her life in a home full of love.


Blue’s time at the sanctuary was short, but memorable.  She came to us with her brother Bear after their previous owner no longer had the ability to care for them.  When she arrived, she was already older in age and had some health issues.  Her life was happy at RWWS under the care of Manager Sharon and the other volunteers.  Blue was such a sweet and cute little girl, and we are thankful that we could give her a loving, comfortable home to live out her life.

Runs with Wolves Sanctuary

Shadow came to us on Christmas Day 2012.  She came from a lonely situation where she needed more interaction with people.  She passed away after a long struggle from an illness.  She touched many lives of all visitors and volunteers over the years.  She loved treats, belly rubs, she would lay her paw on your arm when you stop rubbing her tummy, and she gave the best doggy kisses.  Shadow helped so many in her days at the Sanctuary.  She was ornery in personality, she had a huge heart, her eyes would melt your heart, and she was sweetest girl you would ever meet.


Mystica, also known as “Misty,” was a beautiful hybrid who came to us in April 2015.  She was very high percentage wolf and always kept that wild nature.  When volunteers came to spend time with her, she would love to sit on your lap and lay at your feet for belly rubs.  She would even occasionally give little love nips on your leg to get your attention and say hello!  She passed away after a short time with us, but she will always be remembered as a loving, amazing member of our pack.

Runs with Wolves Sanctuary
Tazlina “Taz”

Tazlina, “Taz”, a pure grey wolf, had been at the sanctuary longer than any of our other wolves.  When she came to us, she was seven months old and very sick with pancreatitis.  She suffered from other health issues, including residual post-traumatic stress disorder from her prior home.  Tazlina’s experience is, unfortunately, all too typical of wolves who are adopted as pets.  With loving and devoted care, we were able to nurse her back to health.  Even though she retained her wild spirit, she became less fearful of visitors and volunteers over time.

A slideshow of others who have passed and are sadly missed:

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13 thoughts on “In Memoriam

  1. I’d care much more about preventing wolf extinction than how many times I’ll have to tell a pet goodbye. You’re lucky lilke me Tazlina, I feel like without my Grandma Henrietta I your friend Jasmine Olson would be gone dead, we didn’t have an easy time finding something to control my seizures well for a while. So I know your sickness during puppyhood was serious first and then there was firm joy that you stayed alive.

    Sachem, Mariah, Connie Moo, Kani Molsom my family isn’t picky about what color of fur a dog has you three wouldn’t scare me either no no at all, I’d just wonder what your roles in the pack were, real effiency, is one of the things I find wolves the most skillful at. I don’t choose a friend by color I choose friends by safety and the simplicity to cope when close. There are times I dream about playing with the pups of a wolf pack.

    Bear it’s simple to see the courage in you, your face shows pleasure and strength.

    Spirit I’ve met a malamute cousin of yours with the same name here in UT. And you look like you’d be fun to do some racing with some food or a sled I can sure see your excitement Spirit.

    Denali I’d be fine giving you some consolation when you got bored if I was there at this sanctuary I’d just have to learn what helped you relax the most.

    Timber I’ve been near some of your running cousins who help therapy doing wheelchair pulling you look like you’d be fun to spend time with, at least a little.


  2. Even the wolves in HEAVEN OR THE NORTHERN LIGHTS I find them peaceful too, do I believe in GURADIANS yes I do, good luck to you, AWWOO, love you. I’ll miss you, AWWOOO even in photo it was nice to see you, I can hear your voices while I look at you, AWOOOO, on Earth or in Heaven I’ll continue to follow you. That you beautiful wolves are emotionally my totem animal it’s true!! There are the times at my house I feel like I’m actually running in the forest with you although it’s that I can quickly visualize you, AWWWOOOOOO! Reading a book or watching video I have a simple time seeing the feeling within you. You show plenty of wisdom there are time I’d feel like I’m walking on an invisible personal magical path with you. In Heaven or on Earth Emotionally I’ll always be with you!!! AWOOO.

    JASMINE OLSON showing her wolf love!



    Their UT friend Jasmine Olson with Autism and Epilepsy expressing her hearts strongest emotion!


  4. I’ll do what I can visiting YELLOWSTONE and a close sanctuary for wolves, as well as continue my wolf item shopping. Grandma helps me know what’s happening around me, but you WOLVES emotionally keep me RELAXED. I’ll also continue to draw you. You’re the animal I give the most COMPASSION to. I’m in peace with you. I understand enough of your attitude that I never feel far from you. Attitude Managements and a few personal reactions We match all 3 ways dear wolf friends. ME AND YOU!

    I really wouldn’t have trouble trying to learn your communication by watching a lot, I’d just start to wonder where people found fruit in the forest and what forest neighbors you ran passed the most. I have enough courage to not mind if I’m in a forest or in a house on a street.

    AAWWWOOOOOOO, YES I have had some pleasant night dreams of me really meeting you!
    Face To Face no, it’s not terror that increases in me your UT friend Jasmine Olson, though I have my Autism and Epilepsy problems, the strong emotion that immediately increases within me when I see you wolves is my SELF-SATISFACTION!!!!

    I Value Being Kind, Appearing Uncommon I don’t Mind! I don’t Fear The truth Because I’d rather find SELF-SATISFACTION and do my best to Shine.

    I care a whole lot about you wolves I’m just showing I’m not afraid to hear the truth, I can understand the spirits of other people, Unless protection is the reason I don’t argue, when I hear the truth I won’t whine no, I’ll just quickly find a way to improve, I’m Flexible like you!! AAWWOOOOO, Love You! And True I’m a Catholic However dear wolf friends I’ll keep praying for you!! It’s the truth, I can’t stand to lose you, right I can’t stop loving you and I won’t stop loving you!!!!

    Enjoyments, Goals, and Dreams this is Jasmine Olson sharing hers with these wolves.


  5. I’d have a simple time making up an enchanted landscape that wolves ruled. I’d put the pretend kinds at the bottom of the list and the real species on the top, I’m just such a fantasy fan and a real wolf lover that I’d put the 2 worlds together

    Magnificent Peninsula Shrine and Enchanted Canyonlands of Serenity are two landscape names I’ve imagined and named by myself dear wolf friends. You’re everything to me Besides how much I love my Grandma!!!! My visions of going on strides with wolves never leaves my mind. Seeing a wolf close to me I’d be cautious however I’m able to resist shouting, you’re my best friends in the wild. You wolves are the only animal I can actually explain the whole personality of whether fictional or real!! I repeatedly learn from you.

    Jasmine Olson expressing her level of comprehension with wolves.


  6. FICTIONAL WOLVES WHO HAVE MASTERS I STILL HAVE NO TROUBLE FINDING THE STRENGTH IN YOU. Your Strength helps me find caution, then your wisdom shown in the story helps me find the core the of the story I’m reading at the moment. And Real Wolves I’ve been Called the Alpha repeatedly in quizzes about which rank I’d fit, I’m called the Alpha more often than being called the Beta dear friends.

    Jasmine Olson’s expression of how much she cares about the wolves being respected!


  7. Spellfall written by Katherine Roberts is as hard to put down as East of the Sun West of the Moon Written by Jackie Morris. Spellfall would have been enjoyable to read to you for sure. First I wanted to see what the wolves in Spellfall did, and now I want to compare the speech of the polar bear in East of the Sun West of the Moon with Natalie’s wolf in Spellfall both animals talk with gentleness. And The 2 magical trips are exciting and Joyful, strong bonds in these fantasy stories. Friendship and Believing in yourself are part of the core in both books.

    Jasmine Olson proving she comes in peace even when she sees wolves.


  8. With Steadfast Compassion, sincere harmony, and trustworthy acceptance of your existence, you don’t have to be a pet to suit me! In fiction I study your prudence in science I study your communication and with both I study your true spirit, and you dear wolves help me not feel like a drifter or an outcast, Thank You! I agree with you wolves about convenience and the world staying well balanced. It’s the hunter who scares me a bit not you! I believe in you and I’ll lookout and stand by you! Your guidance and my compassion combined create a peaceful touch, and I’ve got my Autism and Epilepsy however I have enough deep love to actually die for you AWWOOOOOOO, I’LL ALWAYS BE WITH YOU!

    Jasmine Olson speaking of how firm her acceptance of the wolves is.


  9. Tazlina I’ll let you and your other wolves friends who’ve climbed / walked / leaped / flew up to Heaven I’d do translating for you if I ever stood next to /close to you. You wolves help me hear the voice of my conscience and trust my soul openly. THANK YOU! Tazlina I love your photo I wish you lived long enough to meet you!



  10. Connie Moo, Mariah, Kani Molsom, and Sachem you’re four of beautiful Tazlina’s pack members and your coats are black, I don’t mind that I’ve now also read the real historic story of a black Alaskan Juneau wolf too. A Wolf Called Romeo in non-fiction, he liked to chat quite a bit the domestic dogs or Romeo would sometimes play a little with your closest cousins like malamute, husky, or akita. I’d share equality even when we started our very first greetings if I ever went to your thoughtful sanctuary. I can easily read your body language plus that with Grandma having to learn behavior facts of humans and that WE ALL HAVE FEELINGS she’s taught me enough to comprehend a wolf’s attitude.

    Your steadfast loyalty friend, Jasmine Olson in Utah speaking. AAAAWWOOOOOOO HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY LOVELY WOLVES!!!!! You’re the ones who actually help me learn from experience without questions.


  11. Consider me anything you find sensible and polite dear wolves.

    Savioress I’d rescue when the possibility is simple to feel within me
    Heroine who’s absolutely willing to stand up for you
    Friend who can easily memorize wolf things
    Translator especially at times of apologies about mistakes, like when shadows trick you
    Puppy Sitter when the pack’s too busy to stay with the puppies
    Protector, adult or pup I’d help you avoid snares, Steel traps, cages, and food set by hunters
    Wolf Mother??? I have enough sympathy and love I share with wolves to fit this funny title
    Visitor I’m dreamy about you wolves and love to think about visiting YELLOWSTONE
    Student / Follower, You wolves inspire me repeatedly, I’ll always read your stories
    Believer, I totally believe in wolves, you wolves have the right to live in peaceful freedom
    Alpha? I’ve been considered an alpha by quizzes, and your ways of balancing things is clear

    your UT friend Jasmine Olson speaking


  12. My granddaughter’s quiz result said 84% Fox and & 76% Wolf, but it’s the wolves who touched her heart early in childhood, now she’s seeing what the hidden differences are, it’s for both reasons she knows neither of you are like the wild cats, and Fox or Wolf she’s wanting to understand her personality better, she knows that it’s quality matching that quizzes judge you by before showing your answer. My granddaughter can already see the similarities of the fox and wolf with her level of insight though, plus her skills of reading fiction.

    We’ll never forget any wild dog species when they reach Paradise above the clouds, Love You All Dear Wolves.


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