Fence Raising 8-20-16/08-21-16 10 am to 5 pm

Calling out to all our devoted wolf lovers/friends/followers.
We are expanding a hybrid pen for new additions to our pack and need help with clearing out the area. Digging for ground wire, digging post holes, raising fence panels.
If anyone is available on these days please send pm. or comment below.
I would like a head count and which day you are available. Once You message me, I will send you the address(address on internet is wrong address) If there is an overflow of volunteers, we can do other projects and switch out as needed.
If anyone has a post hole digger…(motorized one would be prefered.) but manual will work fine. Rake, spade, hoe, shovels, pliers(to attach ground wire and wire on panels. Bring gloves, water and your lunch. Bug spray and sunscreen if you need it.
Please share this with your friends and family.
Thank you for you support.


Please howl with us!

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